14 injured, including children during mass shooting on Halloween night

14 injured, including children during mass shooting on Halloween night

Halloween turned dark very quickly as more than half a dozen people were injured during a mass shooting. The incident happened on the west side of Chicago at East Garfield park.

The shootout started originally at a vigil that was being held for someone who had died of natural causes also on the West side, but unfortunately, about 14 people, some of which are children ended up being affected.

Besides the 14 people that were injured by the shooting, a 15th victim was reported knocked down by a car. Victims include people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and sadly, a 3 years old child an 11 years old child and a 13 year old teenager.

The police have confirmed that the incident was a drive-by shooting, and it happened just after 9 pm on Monday night.

Reports on victims vary as at least six of them are reported to be in critical condition in the hospitals nearby. The others are in a fairly good condition. As at the moment, there has not been any casualty.

As regards the victim who was knocked down by a car, she was hit while trying to run away. The police have launched their investigations as they are currently looking for two suspects that fired the shots from a dark SUV.

The motive of this incident is unknown yet, and anyone who has any viable information is encouraged to inform the Chicago Police Department for a reward of up to $15,000.

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