Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro slams critics of the wantaway Man United star


Following the ‘bomb-shell’ interview Cristiano Ronaldo mase with Piers Morgan, his sister, Katia Aveiro has slammed the ‘weak’ critics of the Manchester United star following people’s reactions – in an impassioned defence of her brother on social media.

Ronaldo has been heavily criticised for the interview – which Morgan claims was instigated by the United forward – after clips were aired on Sunday and Monday.

– The Portuguese star’s full interview with Morgan is due to air on Wednesday and Thursday

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Katia insisted her brother had nothing to prove and could scratch his balls for the remainder of his career and still have built a legacy for the next generations that nobody can take away from him.

‘I’m glad your character and dignity don’t leave you,’ Aveiro wrote.

‘I feel sorry for people who live with their chins up pointing fingers as if they had built more than you.

‘There are people who are like this: weak, untrue (I don’t even know if this word exists) but I’m not at all worried about it.

‘Nowadays seeing someone take a stand, being brave, being safe is criticised, people drown in their own illusion, many of them live to see others walk, even the floor itself is afraid to step, because they are afraid of falling, poor things.

‘Nowadays it’s hard to find people like that, you had everything to keep silent. You don’t need to prove anything anymore, you built an empire from nothing, you already have a legacy for the next generations that nobody can take away from you.

‘You could scratch your balls (yes I say it anyway ) and whistle to the side, ride your private jet wherever you want, you could take a ride in your 27-metre long boat and enjoy the days in the sun in the country you want.’

– Katia Aveiro responded to the criticism of Ronaldo’s interview in a lengthy post on Instagram
– For her second Instagram story, she re-shared a picture of Ronaldo and Morgan sitting together. Above the photo she wrote: “I will always be proud of you my dear’

Aveiro took a step further to praise Ronaldo’s achievements and for ‘never deviating’ from his path during his successful career.

‘Everything you have (conquered with a lot of sweat) is a lot and it’s yours alone…’ she added.’

‘You could and you can do anything you want, but once again you decide to be different and brave as few cowards are, to be an example of a man is to fight without fear of stains that easily disappear from the horizon, to be a man is not to give up on your ideals, to be a man is to show the truth is to face the sharks and keep swimming, (your children will be so proud of you), your end has not yet arrived, but these last years are exactly the same as the beginning… remember?

‘Where they said, he’s not going to get anywhere, he’s not going to be anything in life, he speaks wrong, he’s weak, family of fragile and aimless people.

In her end statement, she continues,

‘They only those who know where they came from, know where they are going, and you my brother know well what you are made of. Congratulations on never deviating from your path, it was always you, and it will always be just you .

‘No problem. You can handle it, you are unique, you are special. I’m so proud. Thanks bro.’

This is not the first time Katia would defend his brother. Few months back, she accused Portugal fans of being ‘forever ungrateful’ following criticism of Ronaldo’s performances for the national side in September.

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