Find Out Who Queen Consort Camilla Appointed As Her Special New Royal Companions

Find Out Who Queen Consort Camilla Appointed As Her Special New Royal Companions

Whilst the group will not be considered as the traditional “ladies in waiting,” the work they carry out will be similar, assisting Camilla, as she carries out her official duties, joining her private secretary and deputy private secretary.

On occasion, the ladies may attend an engagement instead of a private secretary or a deputy private secretary.

The six who have been appointed this new role are dear and trusted friends of the Queen Consort. The list of names is; Sarah Troughton, Jane von Westenholz, Fiona, the Marchioness of Lansdowne, Lady Katharine Brooke and Baroness Carlyn Chisholm and Lady Sarah Keswick.

Lady Sarah Keswick is one of the six
Lady Sarah Keswick is one of the six

The Marchioness of Lansdowne is a professional interior designer, whilst Baroness Carlyn Chisholm is a non-affiliated peer. Lady Sarah Keswick, his wife to former Arsenal Chairman Sir Chips Keswick.

It is believed that a number of the Queen’s companions will be seen for the first time on Tuesday at a Violence Against Women and Girls reception at Buckingham Palace.

Another new addition to Camilla’s personal team is Major Ollie Plunket, of The Rifles, who has been appointed as her equerry. It is believed his role is to look after her diary and accompany her at official events.

Sarah Troughton was also appointed
Sarah Troughton was also appointed

Despite the new roles, the late Queen Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting still have positions as they continue to assist the King with special events at Buckingham Palace.

Her late Majesty had a very close bond with her ladies in waiting, known as the ‘Head Girls’, played a key role in her life and remained a constant throughout her service.

Many become close companions and trusted friends of the monarch. Prior to her death, the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting were Dame Mary Morrison, Lady Elizabeth Leeming, Susan Rhodes Dame Annabel Whitehead and Lady Susan Hussey.

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