Is the US miscalculating by pushing NATO too close to the Russian border


The United States has never been “pushing NATO too close to the Russian border,” Wes Frank explains.

When the current regime took over Russia, several former soviet republics joined NATO. This occurred in 2004, eighteen years ago:

None of those nations in Eastern Europe is any threat to Russia. 
None of those nations are positioned to be any threat to Russia. The opposite is true. All of them are terribly vulnerable to Russian attack and complain about this to other European NATO members regularly.
None of these nations has ever, ever, demonstrated any interest in threatening Russia. Neither has any NATO nation in Western Europe, or in Southern Europe, or in North America.
No one in NATO has ever expressed any interest in invading Russia, conquering Russia, or wanting anything from Russia other then to be left along by Russia.

The entire Russian narrative line about NATO threatening Russia exists only as Russian paranoia. It doesn’t exist in Western media, in Western academia, or NATO politics.

No one in NATO wants anything from Russia other then that it stop scaring everyone in Europe, Wes Frank concluded.

Really, US doesn’t have to push NATO to Russian border before countries offer themselves to NATO.

Between 1945 and 1992, there were five major Eastern European revolts against Soviet Hegemony. Yugoslavia, 1946; Hungary, 1954; Albania 1961; Czechoslovakia, 1967; and Poland, 1989. The minute the Soviet Union loosened its grip in 1991, all the Warsaw Pact members bolted.

The Warsaw Pact states all viewed the Soviet Union and Russia as a malign oppressive power.

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