Where can one find a certified copy of Meghan Markle’s birth or marriage certificate showing her birthdate?

Where can one find a certified copy of Meghan Markle's birth or marriage certificate showing her birthdate?

Meghan Markle’s relationship and subsequent marriage to Prince Harry thrust her into the limelight. While some members of the public are happy for her and the turnaround in her life, some members of the public would stop at nothing to make everyone believe she is a liar.

It is not a secret that Meghan is a fee years older than her husband, Prince Harry, but some people still believe she is not totally honest about her rightful age.

The only way to set the minds of the doubting public at ease is by viewing the birth certificate of Meghan Markle. Of course this can only be possible if the individual herself, in this case Meghan decides to release it for the public’s view.

Unfortunately, there has been no such release from Meghan herself, and this has prompted the public to ask for other ways to verify Meghan’s date of birth, and thus, her age.

Fortunately, her birth certificate, as well as her marriage certificate are not for public view, as they have not, and will probably not be released. However, you can get a copy of either document by applying for it, and paying the fee for it. But there is a catch though.

Like other members of the royal family, Meghan can exempt herself from this. This means that even with the application, you will still be unable to get a copy. Prince William, Prince Harry, King Charles and Princess Anne all did that for their birth and marriage certificates.

Furthermore, a person’s date of birth cannot be found on their marriage certificates, only their present age. This would mean a wasted effort if you were to request for the marriage certificate.

For this reason, it is advised that we stick to the Wikipedia information as her date of birth and forget about a copy of her official birth certificate.

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