WITCHCRAFT: Mysterious Bees Arrested Cow Thieves


On Saturday, two men suspected of stealing a cow reported themselves to a police nation in Kirinyaga county, Kenya.

This came after they were reportedly attacked by a swarm of bees.

The two suspects, Phillip Wekesa, 32, and Mwamba Ili, 25, walked into the police station with the cow while covered by a swarm of bees and kept screaming as the bees sting them.

Click here to see the video.

Meanwhile, a Lilian Waithera had contacted the police to file a report of her stolen cow on Thursday, this prompted the police to invite the woman to identify the cow, and she positively identified the cow on her arrival.

Lilian, in her statement to police said: “I am told that the suspects had tried to sell the cow at the Makutano market, but did not find a buyer. That was before the bees shepherded them to the station where they surrendered the cow.”

Then she confessed to having sought a witch doctor’s services to help her find the cow which had been stolen two days earlier.

The witch doctor had casted a spell on the supposed thieves, and he was summoned to reverse the spell he has casted on them.

The two men are being held at the Makutano police station.

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