Bald television executive dies after his organs collapse due to dodgy hair transplant

Bald television executive dies after his organs collapse due to dodgy hair transplant

A television executive has just been reported dead after his organs collapsed as a result of a botched hair transplant. The deceased, a man named Athar Rasheed, aged 30, reportedly worked in the television industry, and died after a dodgy hair procedure.

Rasheed took up a special offer of hair transplant procedure in New Delhi, India, but died as a result of complications that came up later on. Reports suggest he paid a paltry sum of £150 for a procedure that usually costs thousands.

The deceased’s mother, Asiya Begum, aged 62, said her late son was only trying to boost his confidence by getting a hair transplant, a procedure that has become popular around the world quite recently.

Sadly, the procedure did not go well, and the victim ended up dying slowly over a couple of months of sepsis. His major organs like his kidney reportedly shut down after the surgery, and his head also got swollen.

The victim’s mother spoke to a local media saying ”I lost my son but I don’t want any other mother to lose their child because of the fraudulent practices of a few people. She also showed images of her son’s face showing the rashes that appeared on his skin.

Complaints have been made against the clinic where the procedure was carried out, and so far, four people have been arrested, including two people who performed the surgery.

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