Driver Who Dropped Off Idaho Students At Murder House Breaks Silence

Driver Who Dropped Off Idaho Students At Murder House Breaks Silence

THE taxi driver who gave two University of Idaho students a ride home before they were killed has broken his silence and revealed that he’s haunted by the tragedy.

No suspects have been named more than a month after the slayings of four students as cops continue to investigate clues in their horror deaths.

The Idaho cab driver told Daily Mail that he is haunted by the fact that his job was to “get them home safe.”

He was among the last people to see Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen alive.

Goncalves, 21, and Mogen, 21, were murdered along with Xana Kernodle and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, both 20, on the night of November 13.

“It’s weighed on me. I’ve replayed that night a million times over trying to think if there was some sign or some detail that something was amiss but there was nothing,” the driver said.

“It’s not lost on me that my job was to get these girls home safe but that didn’t really help this time.”

“I had known Kaylee and Maddy and Xana too – they would occasionally get rides home and there was nothing out of the ordinary about that night,” the driver continued.

The girls had been at a party and then a bar in the hours before their bodies were found.

“I picked them up about 1.40, 1.45am,” the driver said.

“They had their food, and they were super excited about their mac’n’cheese as girls are after they go to the club.

“They sat in the back, and they chatted, they were normal just like any other night. They weren’t upset about anything or talking about anyone.

“Sometimes the girls would talk about boys but that night they were just excited about their food.”

The driver also explained his history of driving the girls and how the ride went on that night.

“There was no apprehension, no weird feelings there, no upsetness. There was no nervousness about them,” he said.

“They weren’t afraid of anybody. There was nobody following them or following us.

“There was absolutely nothing about that ride that was different or abnormal.

“They were just typical sorority girls, talking away and half the time they don’t pay a whole lot of attention to us drivers. We’re just kind of doing our thing.”

The driver explained how the ride ended, as the girls walked into the home where they were killed.

“I just sort of pulled in front of their driveway. I didn’t pull right into the parking lot. I usually try not to do that because that’s an easy way to get robbed.”

The driver said that he didn’t watch the two girls fully enter the house.

“There were the two of them, it’s a relatively safe place. It’s not something I would usually sit and watch.

“Sometimes I absolutely will [ask or intervene] if I feel a kid needs help. I’ve taken kids to get their stomachs pumped if I feel they have to.

“This is a college town, these kids are just trying to live their lives, we [drivers] try to look out for them. They don’t need to be preyed on.”

The driver said that he’s been working in the area for years.

“It weighed on me. It was rough, to think I was one of the last people to see them alive,” he said.

“When I saw the news on Monday it occurred to me, I was in that neighborhood but that was before they’d released any names.

“As soon as I knew for sure it was the girls, I went to the police.”

The driver shared that he took about a week off after the incident.

But in the weeks since the killings, the police have not shared much new information.

“Those kids deserve justice and they’re not getting it. It feels to this community like the police aren’t even trying,” the driver said.

“Which is one hundred percent related to how they aren’t communicating with the community. People are scared.

“Most of us have very little faith in the MPD. We can’t tell if we are watching qualified investigators who have a handle of the situation or if they are completely at a loss and grasping for straws.”

Police continue to investigate the killings, but have not named a suspect or a motive.

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