Farmer With 102 Children Finally Decides To Stop Growing Family

Farmer With 102 Children Finally Decides To Stop Growing Family

A Ugandan farmer who has 102 children and 568 grandchildren has decided to stop growing his family due to the ‘rising cost of living’.

Musa Hasahya, 67, from Lusaka, has asked his 12 wives to start using contraception so the family can buy more food to eat, The Sun reports.

He said: ‘My income has become lower and lower over the years due to the rising cost of living and my family has become bigger and bigger.

‘I married one woman after another. How can a man be satisfied with one woman?’

Polygamy is legal in Uganda, but all of his wives are ‘monitored’ in the same house to stop them from eloping with other men.

Farmer With 102 Children Finally Decides To Stop Growing Family

Adding to financial pressures, Musa can no longer work due to ill health, and two of his wives have left because of money problems.

Zulaika, his youngest wife and mum of 11 of his children, said: ‘I’m not having any more children. I’ve seen the bad financial situation and I am now taking the birth control pill.’

But contraceptives are taboo in the country, as they are often linked to promiscuity.

The ages of Musa’s children range from six to 51 years old, with his eldest child 21 years older than Zulaika.

About a third of his children live with Musa on his farm.

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