Man with ‘sacrifice’ tattooed on his forehead is charged with raping and mutilating woman in Florida woods


Bruce Whitehead, a dangerous ex-convict has been charged with brutally raping and mutilating a woman in Florida just months after being released from a 20-year sentence for similar charges after doctors said he ‘wouldn’t reoffend.’

The 54-year-old was arrested in Orlando, five days after allegedly driving a woman to a wooded area, raping her at knifepoint and trying to murder her.

In 2009, a psychiatrist said Whitehead seemed to ‘not be receptive to treatment.’ He was caught for his latest crime by an observant tipster who noticed his glaring face tattoo

An arrest affidavit confirmed that Whitehead had arranged to pay the woman $850 to let him ‘paint her for an hour’ with reports from the New York Post saying he’d picked her up ‘willingly’ at about 4am on Saturday, Dec 10, ‘near an Orlando strip club.’

The woman, who escaped the horrific assault, allegedly sought out the help of bystanders in a nearby neighborhood.

The lucky woman, who escaped the horrific assault, allegedly sought out the help of bystanders in a nearby neighborhood.

Whitehead was arrested the following Thursday after an ‘observant resident’ spotted him. Whitehead had been trying to hide a massive ‘sacrifice’ forehead tattoo by wearing a hat, but was immediately arrested, after a tipster alerted the Orange County Sheriff’s office on Thursday Dec 15.

‘Brutal rapist Bruce Whitehead is in OCSO custody, thanks to a tip at 7 a.m. today [Dec 15] from an observant resident!’ police tweeted of the incident.

Bruce Whitehead was arrested in Orlando Dec 15 after the vicious attack of a woman that he’s been accused of raping at knifepoint and attempting to murder five days prior

‘Whitehead raped and tried to murder a woman Dec 10. Thank you to our community members and media partners for making sure his face was everywhere.’

Residents couldn’t believe the vicious criminal had been right under their noses.

‘That’s really crazy. It’s literally in our backyard. It’s such a nice neighborhood, nothing happens here,’ said Nick Siviga to the broadcaster.

According to an arrest affidavit from the OCSO, the victim was standing near the intersection of Sand Lake Road and South Orange Blossom Trail with her friends when Whitehead approached her.

The victim got into Whitehead’s car, and he drove her to the Highland Lakes Center shopping plaza.

The report stated that he forced the victim out of the car holding a knife to her chin and told her to lie down in the backseat.

Whitehead then reportedly drove the victim to a parking lot in Pine Hills, pulled her out of the car, and walked her to a wooded area.

He then allegedly cut her clothes off and mutilated her body. After sexually battering the victim, the affidavit states Whitehead began to stab her several times in the chest.

Videos of Whitehead being taken into custody show the brutal attacker being escorted by police while wearing what appears to be a white hazmat suit

The report goes on to state that she fought him off by kicking him in the chest and face before running away for help.

Whitehead was charged with sexual battery, attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated battery, and armed robbery for the latest incident. Police did not specify how the latest victim had been allegedly mutilated in the attack.

‘In my time here at the sheriff’s office, this is probably one of the more egregious offenses,’ said Evan Avila of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

‘Personally, I would qualify him as a monster. That’s my personal take.’

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the victim is expected to recover.

Meanwhile, it emerged that Whitehead had kidnapped, assaulted and stabbed a woman 25 times at knifepoint in Jacksonville before he was released from prison earlier this year after two doctors found that he’d ‘changed and no longer posed a risk of re-offending.’

Whitehead has several teardrop tattoos on his left cheek along with the word “Sacrifice” written across his forehead.

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