Masked machete-wielding burglar is caught on CCTV trying to break into stunned woman’s home


A father released a shocking footage of a machete-wielding thug and his accomplice trying to break into her daughter’s home.

The man peers in windows before returning with machete and an accomplice. It was first a lone thief cladded in a navy blue tracksuit and grey trainers standing in the driveway while testing the front door handle and a nearby window.

The men take a closer look inside using a torch before they both walk away from the property

Then moments later, the man and an accomplice bursted on to the scene armed with a knife, shining a torch through the window.

One opened the downstairs window while the other man stood nearby and clutched the knife. Few minutes later, they decided against entering the property and left soon after trying to pry open the entrance.

The homeowner in their footage release confirmed that the property – which is currently undergoing renovations – was uninhabited at the time.

The pair are able to open the front downstairs window and peer inside a woman’s home – which was being renovated at the time

Ahmet, the home owner’s father said he believed the two men were convinced the home was mid-refurbishment and that this likely persuaded them to walk away.

'The house is currently empty as it is being refurbished.

'When the suspect looks through the window, I assume they can see it's being refurbished hence walking away. My daughter has filed an online report,' Ahmet said.
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