Putin’s War In Ukraine Will Only End With Palace Coup, Expert Warns

Putin's War In Ukraine Will Only End With Palace Coup, Expert Warns

Vladimir Putin will only be removed from power in a palace coup, says a leading political scientist.

This is the only prospect for ending the ‘meat grinder’ war in Ukraine, according to Vladislav Inozemtsev, director of the Russian Center for Research of the Post-Industrial Society.

This comes as another Putin insider says the warmonger has no viable options left to flee into exile despite rumors that his cronies have begun what is called Operation Noah’s Ark to find him and his closest cronies a safe haven.

“I think the only chance to change the situation is some kind of palace coup, once the elite truly understands that Putin is leading them to a dead end,” Inozemtsev said.

‘But whether or not it will happen, or when… is impossible to forecast. Such a coup would involve Putin’s closest aides or guards. Hopes of a mass uprising to oust Putin were dashed,’ he said.

Russian society “is totally inert, and the Kremlin shouldn’t expect any trouble.”

There were no major protests – ‘so far I don’t see any desire to stop the war,’ he said.

Inozemtsev, now based in Washington, says that, contrary to some Western forecasts, Putin can raid the Russian economy to keep the war going for at least two more years, and that he could mobilize a total of a million men.

“Putin has great potential to finance the war,” he told the Zerkalo website.

“Reserves and borrowing possibilities in the Russian domestic market give you an infinite amount of money, and you will not have problems with the budget either this coming year or in 2024.”

The war “will certainly last at least until [next] summer, depending on what successes or failures there will be on the front in early spring.

‘As for the Ukrainian army, I am sure that it is determined to repel the Russian attacks.

“Ukraine is constantly re-arming itself with Western weapons and ammunition, and this process is going on quite steadily.

‘So, I think this is the meat grinder situation that will continue for quite some time.

“Indeed, Russia will suffer heavy losses, but as Ukrainian officials rightly say, Moscow has the capacity to mobilize up to a million men. This is correct.’

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