Woman ‘who married ghost’ complains the groom ruined their honeymoon with his antics


Singer Brocarde has slammed her ghost husband for ruining their honeymoon. The performer, 38, says her beau drank too much during their getaway to Wales. She also accused him of never paying for anything as he doesn’t have a card.

‘Edwardo thought he was being passionate and romantic by wrestling me to the ground to frolic in the sand, but I was trying to share my ice cream with him and it went everywhere, all over my face, in my hair and the of course the sand stuck to it so I looked like I’d had a fight with a giant seagull.’

Brocarde (dressed in her wedding get up) claims she met Edwardo during a thunderstorm as she struggled to sleep following a disagreement with a friend

The newlywed also revealed that Edwardo ‘suggested ordering 12 bottles of the best champagne to the room’ when they made it to the hotel, knowing full well that the bill would fall on her.

It comes as, in October, Brocarde left This Morning viewers in hysterics after she claimed her ghost lover appeared on set with her

She admitted she found it difficult to find a church that would marry them. ‘Because I think there is a bit of an issue with religion and the after life. Not all priests believe…Brocarde revealed she didn’t believe in ghosts before she ‘met’ Edwardo, but was turned around by the spirit.

‘I had tears streaming down my face. It was really intense, and I think it was the fact that it was so intense that converted me.’

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