Drivers in Adelaide Road Rage Brawl try to karate kick each other while the person filming laughs


Two angry motorists had a wild traffic brawl which was caught by an amused onlooker. The two faced each other in the middle of a busy main street on Adelaide’s North Terrace, WST Post confirmed.

Instead of a fistfight, the two traded kicks between heated conversations.

The footage from a street in Adelaide’s North Terrace shows the driver of a white Toyota Camry exiting his car and approaching the window of a ute.

After a brief conversation, the Ute driver throws something out the window, which the Toyota driver picks up and hurls against the Ute’s windshield.

Shouting “Oi”, the Ute driver tries to open his car door, which the Toyota driver quickly slams shut.

The two drivers break out in a fight, constantly trying to kick each other at arms distance, while the filmer and other viewers laugh hysterically.

As the brawl rages on, the Toyota driver falls over and the pair exchange some heated words before a standoff ensues in the middle of the busy main street.

The brawl started when one driver threw an object at the windscreen of the car behind him
The pair then start to kick each other from an arm’s distance

The video was reshared by comedy site S*** Adelaide on Instagram, which captioned the footage: ‘This is by far the worst example of martial arts you will ever see – with each player failing to land a single punch.’

Amused bystanders filming the altercation are heard laughing

Viewers shared their thoughts, with one humorously writing, ‘This was the most disappointing follow-up fight I’ve ever seen.’

‘I love how they think if they turn on their hazard lights they can just go off in the middle of Currie Street,’ wrote another.

Another wrote: ‘Well that was amusing.’ His spinning back kick was on par with a 5-year-old,” the person joked.

‘The stress level is very high. So many people are nervous and “lose” too.

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