Putin’s TV Host Says Strikes Are Costing Britain’s Brothels A Fortune 

Putin's TV Host Says Strikes Are Costing Britain's Brothels A Fortune 

Russian propagandists have claimed Britain’s brothels are being put out of business – because of train strikes.

Olga Skabeyeva – known for her vitriolic backing of the war in Ukraine – claims sex workers are being deprived of clients.

She added that British men are struggling to reach ‘ladies of love’ due to ongoing industrial action.

Known as Vladimir Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’, Skabeyeva’s outlandish claim is the first of several outbursts on Russian television.

‘So every English brothel has already lost between £30,000 and £70,000 since January 3,’ the presenter informed Russian viewers in her prime time show.

The 38-year-old added: ‘Rail strikes have resulted in, among other things, the first time that British prostitutes cannot receive their clients.’

Sex workers were now ‘the poor’ as a result of the industrial action, Skabeyeva summarised.

The presenter is seen as one of the Kremlin leader’s key TV propagandists.

Putin's TV Host Says Strikes Are Costing Britain's Brothels A Fortune 

Previously, she claimed Russia should have targeted the Queen’s funeral due to the high volume of Western leaders in attendance.

Her comments came in response to remarks made by Russian MP Andrey Gurlev, who said Russia should send nukes to Britain rather than Ukraine or Germany.

Skabeyeva’s most recent report was seized on by Ukrainian official Anton Geraschenko, with a poisonous riposte.

‘According to Skabeyeva, ordinary customers are now unable to get to the brothels by train because of the railway workers’ strike,’ he posted.

‘Putin’s faithful mouthpiece even calculated the amount of damage for each brothel.

‘She knows a thing or two about prostitution and prices’

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