Sending Ukraine Tanks Could Turn Europe Into Big Radioactive Graveyard 

Sending Ukraine Tanks Could Turn Europe Into Big Radioactive Graveyard 

It was at this moment that we began a non-stop descent into terrible danger that many of us will regret in years to come.

I won’t waste time here on the question of who started the Ukraine war, or even why. Most people don’t want to know and refuse to think about it or look at the facts. Anyone who tries to tell them, they slander and abuse him. Then go to hell. I’m tired of trying.

The government claims to be in favor of free debate in universities, so all the forum army of ‘right wing’ thinkers and writers praises that now maybe we can discuss the transgender issue. well and good.

But the government and its oppressed ideologues are not in favor of free debate on important national policy and neither is anyone else.

In the 11 months since Russia’s invasion, Germany has become one of Ukraine’s major arms suppliers. The debate between the allies about the merits of sending battle tanks to Ukraine has focused relentlessly on Germany, whose Leopard 2 tanks are used by several other countries and have long been sought by Kyiv.

When the Defense Secretary announced that British tanks were going to Ukraine, not a single MP raised any doubts or opposed the move. Not one. Reading the record of not debating is like reading the proceedings of some communist fake parliament, sloppy and brain dead.

The country where political freedom was born has decided not to worry about being free anymore.

So, it remains for me to point out that for the West to supply modern tanks to Ukraine is an act of sheer stupidity. Unlike everyone else in the media and politics, I am not a military expert. But I know what tanks are for, and it’s not defense.

What we have decided to do now is to prolong and deepen the war. May the new tanks of Ukraine wipe out everything in front of them. They might get stuck. Maybe they’ll try to take Crimea. Maybe they will soon take part in the Victory Parade in Red Square. I don’t know but if they move into what Russia considers its territory, don’t be surprised by what happens.

Look, Vladimir Putin is clearly a sinister tyrant and, in my view, completely went off his head during the Covid panic (look at those huge tables he sits at). I think he is capable of authorizing the use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield, if coerced. But it could be worse. If he is overthrown in a midnight coup, no cheerful, liberal-minded man will come to replace him. He would be replaced by someone who might see it as positive pleasure to press the red button.

So, there is a real possibility that a large part of Europe could turn into a radioactive graveyard and that the American conventional retribution for it (which will be fierce and powerful) will lead us further into a world of horror, loss, flight. Pestilence and the poverty that always follows war. If it does, maybe more people will want to know why it started. Probably not. I will help if asked.

But why is Britain in this mess? I know that many voters in key US states hate Russia because their ancestors came from a land that Moscow oppressed. I know that some neo-conservative hardliners in Washington have long expressed a desire to dismantle Russia and ensure that it is never again an important country.

I understand his words too. But they are at least 3,000 miles away and will not be personally affected by his own policy. On the contrary we are not 3,000 miles apart. And I have absolutely no idea how following this strategy will make Britain safer, happier or more prosperous. rather the opposite.

The two countries are in a fierce conflict as their deep, stark and irreconcilable interests clash.

The sensible and civilized policy for any outside power is to help push them into a permanent settlement, as the world did with France and Germany after 1945. Instead, we send tanks. It is as if the fire brigade went to put out the fire.

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