‘You go nowhere’: Moment Andrew Tate openly admits women who stay in his house aren’t allowed to leave


Footage has emerged of Andrew Tate claiming that women who stay in his house are not allowed to leave.

The former kickboxer, who appears in the glossy video from his since-suspended YouTube channel, was arrested in Romania last month as part of a probe into alleged human trafficking, rape, and organised crime.

In the clip, he brags about his supposed playboy lifestyle, as the camera pans to footage of him getting onto private jets, smoking cigars, and flanked by bikini-clad women.

Old footage shows Andrew Tate claiming women in his house are not allowed to leave

He claims that he has women living at his house all the time, but that they are ‘stuck’ there while he is off travelling around the world.

Tate then adds: ‘And of course, they don’t go out, they’re not allowed out.’

He then insists that the women wouldn’t be permitted to go out clubbing with their friends, and disparages any man who would ‘let his woman’ go out without him.

‘No,’ he goes on. ‘You stay in the house. You don’t go nowhere. No restaurants, no clubs, nothing.’

Tate was previously banned from YouTube as well as Facebook and Instagram for his misogynistic comments and hate speech.

Andrew and his brother Tristan have been under criminal investigation in Romania since April last year, before being arrested on December 29 on charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organised crime group.

Formerly a champion kickboxer, Tate was thrown off Big Brother in 2016 after a video emerged of him appearing to hit a woman with a belt.

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