Alison Boshoff: Real Reason Meghan Markle Hasn’t Been At Harry’s Side

Alison Boshoff: Real Reason Meghan Markle Hasn’t Been At Harry’s Side

They are, as she recounted, like the conjoined palm trees in her Montecito garden, deeply “connected.”

Indeed, much of the mythology and “branding” of Harry and Meghan’s new philanthropic and post-royal life has been built on this central image: H&M, an inseparable and intertwined unit, portraying their unique and strong bond as if he existed on a higher emotional plane than that occupied by most mere mortals.

Yet when Harry has embarked on his most significant project to date, the record-breaking and best-selling memoir Spare, he has done so mostly solo. Meghan is nowhere to be seen. The former actress never once accompanied him on his exhaustive television studio tour and interviews to promote the book, despite undeniably excelling in life under the spotlight.

When one considers how nervous Harry is about speaking in public, as he himself explains in Spare, and given the extraordinarily high stakes of what he had to say, on complicated topics as varied as being physically attacked by his brother frozen. manly, it seems unusual that his normally ever-present wife remains firmly behind the scenes.

She even penned a tribute to Meghan in Spare, saying, “This book would have been impossible, logistically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually without you.” Most things would be impossible without you. Surely, then, at this point of all points, she would need Meghan by her side?

So, where is she? The couple have not been seen in public together since December 7 in New York, where they received the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award for their work on racial justice and mental health. Harry was grimacing and smiling in a ballroom suit, while Meghan dazzled in white, wearing an aquamarine ring that once belonged to Princess Diana.

Some believe Penguin Random House, Harry’s publisher, would have hoped Meghan would be more visible lately, to help boost book sales. A senior media executive tells me, “What most people have conclude is that Penguin would have told you from the beginning that Harry needed to be front and center during his book tour, that it’s his trip.”, and that it needs to shine”.

Another source, who knows the couple through streaming, suggests that Meghan’s absence is part of a long-term focus on being a star in her own right. And your model for this?

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