Ashley Graham Defends Her Decision To Stop Breastfeeding Her Twins

Ashley Graham Defends Her Decision To Stop Breastfeeding Her Twins

Ashley Graham has no regrets when it comes to her decision to stop breastfeeding her twin sons, Malachi and Roman when they were just 5 months old.

During a recent visit to “The Daily Show,” the model and mom explained that while she knows people have a lot of opinions when it comes to the topic of breastfeeding, she also knows those opinions shouldn’t make any mother feel bad about her own reality.

“There’s also this whole thing with people telling you how to feed your child,” the 35-year-old told guest host Chelsea Handler. “With my first kid, I was like, ‘I could only breastfeed. This is the right way.’”

Graham and her husband Justin Ervin have three children together, including their 3-year-old son, Isaac. But it was when their twins arrived in January of 2022, that Graham quickly gained a new perspective when it came to breastfeeding.

“I had the twins, and I was like, ‘I’m not doing this. This is not working here. Like, both of you want both of these? This is a lot of work,’” she recalled.

And her fans saw that hard work for themselves as Graham shared much of her postpartum experience with her followers on Instagram.

According to Graham, feeding her sons felt like “feeding a nation,” so she stopped breastfeeding at five months and provided them with “the best formula” she could find instead.

The result proved to her that she made the right decision.

“These little guys are so strong and so happy,” she said of the twins. “So, I don’t think we should be telling people how they should be feeding their kids.” 

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