Tamer Hassan Breaks Down After Losing Family In The Turkish Earthquake

Tamer Hassan Breaks Down After Losing Family In The Turkish Earthquake

The 7.8-magnitude quake is the deadliest in over a decade as the death toll hit 15,000 people on Thursday.

Around 70 members of the UK International Search and Rescue Team have arrived in the Middle Eastern country to assist with the search operation.

Among those volunteering is The Football Factory star, who is the father of Love Island’s Belle Hassan.

The 54-year-old appeared on Thursday’s Sky News, in which he revealed his plans to fly out to join the search effort.

The gangster movie star also broke down as he revealed his ‘worry’ about missing family members who live in the area.

Choking up, Tamer said: ‘We have family missing. Due to the cold weather, we’re not hopeful. We’re quite worried.’ 

The Batman Begins star had explained that he had been raising money and sending over supplies to those in need.

‘We’re trying to find a route into Turkey and to the worst affected areas,’ he continued. ‘The biggest distress for me is that there are some areas that are being completely flattened and with no help.

‘That’s our biggest fear.’

Appealing for help, Tamer said he was in the process of pinpointing the areas ‘where the most help was needed.’

He added: ‘We’re reaching out to everyone around the world, everybody that can see what’s happening here with this humanitarian disaster.

‘We’re just holding our hands out for everybody to help as much as they can. As I said before we have family out there. People dying.’

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