Dad Leaves His Son’s Wedding After He Denied A Dance With Step-Mum

Dad Leaves His Son’s Wedding After He Denied A Dance With Step-Mum

A dad has been slammed online for leaving his son’s wedding because he refused to dance with his stepmom.

“He refused to let her get close and shut down every attempt to have a close relationship,” said a source. “He even moved in with his aunt months after Natalie and I got married.”

But as time went on, the family did reconcile and were even seeing each other more often. Jordan invited his dad and stepmom to his wedding, but things did not go smoothly.

“We got there and the atmosphere was great,” said a source. “Until later when I found out that Jordan had denied Natalie a mother-son dance and instead chose his aunt to dance with him.”

“I couldn’t help feel irritated and quite upset. I decided to get up and leave, and we both left. I got calls from my family after they saw me leave,” said a source. “Jordan called later and I told him why I did it. He got mad and said it was his wedding and that his aunt is basically a mother to him and said that Natalie shouldn’t expect ‘special treatment.'”

But the dad disagreed. “I said it’s not special treatment but a tradition,” he wrote. “Besides that, he hurt her feelings for no reason other than for the sake of being malicious. He got offended and accused me of ruining his day and causing a scene.”

Turning to the internet for advice, the dad asked if he was wrong to have left the wedding early because of the dance, and online people overwhelmingly slammed him for the decision.

“YTA [you’re the a******],” said one reply. “Your wife has never been his mother and he have every right to not have a mother/son dance with her. I strongly suspect this isn’t the first time you’ve chosen your wife over your son and is probably why he moved in with his aunt.”

“You are a complete a** for walking out of his wedding,” agreed another commenter.

Burke said: “I think if the couple are paying for the day themselves, they have every right to expect their wishes to be respected and for the day to go how they planned. The only time I would ever really expect a couple to consider their parents’ wishes on their wedding day would be if the parents had contributed a considerable amount towards the wedding budget.”

Another Redditor wrote: “You made your son’s wedding about your wife. Congrats on destroying your relationship with your son for tradition.”

“Natalie is just your wife. She is not your son’s mother. It’s not a ‘tradition’ for your son to dance with someone whom he does not consider his mother,” said another reply. “Don’t force your personal decisions on someone, especially when it is his wedding day.”

“Leaving the wedding was never going to lead to the problem being easily and amicably resolved,” said Burke. “In situations like this, I would always suggest keeping quiet on the day as it’s not going to do anything other than upset the happy couple on their wedding day—a day they’re not going to get to have again.”

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