How did Prince William lose his cool?

How did prince William lose his cool?

The heir apparent to the British throne is someone that has always been seen by the public as a happy person. In almost every public image of him, he has been seen with a smile on his face no matter how subtle. Regardless of that, he is a human being, and is thus capable of being upset even if we nay have never seen it ourselves.

Although we know there are royal protocols that must be followed, it is perfectly normal for a royal to falter at least once. While it may be unusual, Prince William has lost his cool a couple of times. Here are some examples

When Kate Middleton was involved

One of the moments when Prince William lost his cool was back when private photos of his wife Kate Middleton was made public. The image was of Kate, sunbathing topless. The royal couple had travelled to France and had stayed in a private chateau owned by the late Queen Elizabeth’s nephew.

One time while sunbathing together, they had thought themselves alone and Kate had taken off her swim top. Unknown to them, paparazzi was hiding half a mile away and had taken photos of Kate with a long focus lens. When it was later sold to a newspaper, Prince William released a fiery statement that expressed his fury and anger at the thought of the photos taken and their subsequent release.

When his family was involved

Another moment when Prince Williams fury was captured on camera was the time when he and his wife, Kate Middleton were riding bikes along with their three children on the grounds of the Royal family Sandringham estate. He had spotted a cameraman and told him off, albeit not gently.

It has been said that Prince William is a lion when it comes to his family, and this was proven when he steamingly told the cameraman what he thought when he spotted him. Like most people, Prince William is fiercely protective of his family, and rightly so, and telling off the cameraman before he was moved by the police was the right thing to do.

When his mother was involved

Another time when Prince William showed emotion that no one had ever witnessed before was when he found out about the investigations regarding his late mother, Princess Diana’s famous Panorama interview. In response to his findings, he was very direct and unrelenting in his description of the journalist, Martin Bashir as rogue.

He further condemned BBC news organisations by calling them invasive and describing the method by which his mother was interviewed as deceitful.

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