Inside Disturbing Putin’s Torture Chamber Where Ukraines Are Tortured: War Victims Reveal Horrors 

Inside Disturbing Putin's Torture Chamber Where Ukraines Are Tortured: War Victims Reveal Horrors 

Chilling images have purported to show the inside of a Russian torture chamber where Ukrainian prisoners of war have been held.

The pictures show a chair in the middle of a blackened room and another strewn with debris, allegedly providing a glimpse of the horrors Vladimir Putin’s soldiers have been subjecting prisoners to.

It comes as this week marked the first anniversary of the Russian tyrant’s brutal invasion, with Ukraine’s government claiming it has already been made aware of more than 90,000 different war crimes including physical torture and rape.

The city of Kherson, in the south of the country, suffered around 8,000 alleged war crimes alone before it was reclaimed by Ukrainian troops in November.

The reclamation resulted in the grim discovery of a chamber dubbed ‘The Hole’, Mail Online reports, where prisoners were allegedly beaten and tortured.

One prisoner says he was electrocuted by his genitals in a disturbing account of the horrors enforced by Putin’s men.

Andriy Andryushcenko, 28, says he was held for 47 days after Russian soldiers found him painting pro-Ukrainian graffiti.

“They beat me and put electric wire on my genitals and ears,” said the salesman, who is now working for Ukraine’s military administration.

“They joked they were making calls to Zelensky or Biden when they did it as it was rigged to an old telephone. It was hell. They knocked my teeth out and beat me unconscious.”

He added: “They put dumbbells on my neck and a knife at my back and made me squat down. I thought I was going to die.”

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