Pamela Anderson Talks Defying Expectations And Not Chasing Youths

Pamela Anderson Talks Defying Expectations And Not Chasing Youths

I don’t think I’ve ever had bad sex.” Pamela Anderson is talking about the need for America to have what she calls a “Sensual Revolution” that prioritizes romance.

The former Playboy model drops this bomb about her past romantic encounters during an interview while promoting a new memoir and documentary. Pamela Anderson’s Net Worth

Ms. Anderson, 55—who reportedly has a net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth—is now contending with the legacy of her bada-bing body from the sturdy overlook of middle age.

When it comes to her sexualized image, the former “Baywatch” star sometimes ignores it, sometimes regrets it, and sometimes reclaims it. But she never escapes it. “A lot of my career was based on being in a bathing suit, running around on the beach, lip gloss and eyeliner and big hair,” Ms. Anderson says during a Zoom call. “I’m a lot more than that.”

Despite people fixating on her looks, Anderson made it clear that she is not scared of getting older as she is ‘not chasing youth.’ 

‘I think we’re so much more beautiful the way that we are,’ the Home Improvement star stated. ‘No one wants to hear about natural beauty from me. But I’m not afraid of getting older.’

“It’s like, I’m right here. Hello? I’m alive. Maybe you want to sit down and talk to me and find out more? But they didn’t,” Ms. Anderson says.

“Part of my life is always trying to get over that hump, convincing people that I’m capable of anything because of the image of me,” she says. “And I know I’m responsible for that. But yeah. I’m a Playmate that wrote a book. Sorry.”

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