STEPHEN GLOVER: It’s Unthinkable Harry Be Invited To Coronation 

STEPHEN GLOVER: It's Unthinkable Harry Be Invited To Coronation 

A royal enthusiast believes Prince Harry should never find his way back to the UK for King Charles’ coronation because he shows ‘no signs of being remorseful’.

This claim has been made by Stephen Glover, in his brand-new piece for the Daily Mail.

Mr Glover believes, “There’s no evidence that Harry is remotely contrite. More books, and doubtless further television interviews and self-serving documentaries, lie ahead, and neither Harry nor his wife shows any sign of intending to desist.”

In light of this, “It is surely unimaginable, though, that this could happen without an assurance from Harry and Meghan that their broadsides will cease for good — and it seems extremely unlikely that such an undertaking will ever be given by the vengeful Sussexes.”

At the end of the day, “Charles is not simply a loving father. He is also our sovereign, who is aware that he must sometimes look beyond the personal feelings of members of his family to consider the interests of the monarchy.”

“For Harry’s attacks haven’t simply damaged members of the Royal Family. There has been wider collateral damage to the institution, which, with breathtaking arrogance and presumptuousness, Harry says he has a ‘responsibility’ to reform.”

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