Archbishop Of Canterbury ‘Fallen Under Spell Of Harry And Meghan’

Archbishop Of Canterbury 'Fallen Under Spell Of Harry And Meghan'
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King Charles is reported to have asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal to allow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to attend his coronation.

The king obviously must consider the feelings of his wife and eldest son, as well as his angry youngest son. Harry’s comments about Camilla were particularly hurtful and ungentlemanly.

But for the king, this isn’t just a matter of weighing the hurt feelings of his wife and William against his natural inclination to have his youngest son present at his coronation.

Charles is not just a loving father. He is also our sovereign, aware that he must sometimes look beyond the personal feelings of his family members to consider the interests of the monarchy.

Because Harry’s attacks have not only harmed members of the royal family. There has been broader collateral damage to the institution, which, with impressive arrogance and conceit, Harry says he has a ‘responsibility’ to reform.

These are ludicrous accusations that instantly fall apart when examined, but their true effect and likely intent is to undermine the monarchy in the minds of suggestible people.

In other words, Harry and Meghan aren’t simply cruel and unreliable critics of individual members of the Royal Family. They have also made enemies of the institution of the monarchy, from which, in the continued use of their royal titles and connections, they nevertheless claim to profit.

Without ironclad assurance that these attacks will cease, it is unthinkable that the couple would be invited to attend the religious ceremony reaffirming the sanctity of the monarchy before the nation.

If the Sussexes arrive without making such a promise, they could use their visit to launch further attacks on members of the Royal Family. It is likely, even if a solemn engagement were made, that they would try to promote themselves to their fans and divert attention from the Coronation.

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