What celebrity secret spilled on air?

What celebrity secret spilled on air?

Celebrities have and will always live a life that is constantly watched by the general public. For that reason, they tend to keep certain information away from the public. Unfortunately, such information can find its way out into the open in peculiar ways like on air or on Live TV.

Some surprising information like Beyonce’s baby bump revelation in 2011 happened on the red carpet, in full view of the general public. Since then and even before then, other celebrities including movie stars and artistes have made shocking, surprising and even heartwarming revelations to the view of thousands if not millions of people.

Dylan O’Brien

The star of the adventure movie Maze Runner, Dylan O’Brien made a shocking confession during an appearance on the live show Live! With Kelly and Michael that he and some other cast members of the Maze Runner movie looted a burial site of an ancient Native America in New Mexico.

He further stated that illnesses and injuries on set were perceived as revenge for the thefts committed as they had been warned beforehand not to take anything and to respect the grounds. Later on, a petition came up for the return of those stolen items, but there was no evidence showing that anything was ever taken. Which meant the whole thing could have been a joke.

Charlie Sheen

In 2015, Charlie Sheen revealed a shocking piece of information on live interview with Matt Lauer on Today, to reveal that he was HIV-positive. According to speculations, he did that to counteract some controversy going on behind his back, and to put a stop to the extortions going on since he told a few people about it.

In his own words, he said ”I’m here to admit that I am HIV-positive. I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about the alleged threatening of health of so many others, which could not be farther from the truth”.

Tiffany Darwish and Jonathan Knight

Back when most fans did not know that Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block was gay, Tiffany Darwish made the surprising revelation to the general public on the live show Watch what happens Live! with Andy Cohen.

She described him as the quiet one when they were dating, and also described him as ”the shy one who became gay later”. In her defense, she had no idea that the public were still unaware of Jonathan’s status, and apologized for it.

Jonathan on the other hand cleared the air by releasing a statement, and confirming that he was in fact, gay.

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