Oscars: Why Ashley Graham Was In The Wrong, Not Grumpy Hugh Grant

Oscars: Why Ashley Graham Was In The Wrong, Not Grumpy Hugh Grant

In the absence of a violent slap assault at the 2023 Oscars, audiences focused on the red-carpet massacre — where Hugh Grant eviscerated model Ashley Graham during a vapid pre-show interview.

Some said Grant was rude, snobby or a plain ol’ “a- -hole,” but Graham was equally underwhelming in her repartee.

The model asked Grant — the walking embodiment of English reticence — what was his favorite thing about the Oscars.

“It’s fascinating … It’s vanity fair,” he muttered, seeing the frivolity of this annual masturbatory event — a circus, of which he’s a participant.

The reference sailed over Graham’s head like a Brett Maher field goal, completely missing its target.

She thought he was talking about the Vanity Fair magazine afterparty, where A-listers and Justin Bieber in my nana’s crocheted afghan toasted each other with pricey bubbly, and fancy fare.

“It’s all about Vanity Fair, where we let loose and have a bit of fun,” she cluelessly responded.

Ashley Graham and Hugh Grant during their cringey red-carpet encounter

From there, the already painful interview went off a cliff. Grant handed off the microphone and rolled his eyes so vigorously, it likely led to an ocular muscle injury.

It was hard to argue with branding expert and author Aliza Licht, who pointed out that Graham did not do her homework in understanding her audience.

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl treated the acerbic actor like she would a doe-eyed, couture-clad starlet. And yes, he was cranky.

But he was delightfully authentic, too.

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