Putin’s Brigade Of 5,000 Men Is All But Destroyed In A Brutal Battle

Putin's Brigade Of 5,000 Men Is All But Destroyed In Brutal Battle

A fierce brigade of thousands of Russian fighters were “mowed down like turkeys on a shooting range” in one of the heaviest military losses since the start of the Ukraine invasion.

The unit, made up of 5,000 men, was practically wiped out during the latest attempt by warmonger Vladimir Putin to capture Vuhledar, Donetsk.

The humiliating defeat has led some military bloggers back home in Moscow to demand trials for the inept generals causing the defeats.

Igor Girkin said the Russian men were killed “like turkeys in a shooting range”, and added: “Some of them are complete cretins – all the mistakes that were made before were repeated.”

The defeat was caused by Ukrainian forces taking higher positions above their Russian enemies who had not anticipated the move, reported MailOnline.

Military drones captured scenes of panic by Russian soldiers, with tanks veering wildly before being destroyed.

Men were seen on fire running in several directions.

Several Russian assaults on the hamlet have failed since the Kremlin invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago.

It comes as Russia’s notorious Wagner Group mercenaries are being ordered to scale down operations in Ukraine amid fears they are becoming too powerful.

The 50,000-strong squad, many of them convicted criminals, has played a key role in the brutal fighting in eastern Ukraine.

But founder Yevgeny Prigozhin has stopped recruiting prisoners and will draw down his troops in weeks, according to sources.

It is believed they will be replaced by regular soldiers among as many as 300,000 new troops heading to war.

The demotion of Wagner’s position in Ukraine was ordered after President Vladimir Putin became increasingly concerned about his own position.

Despite being so-called Putin allies both Prigozhin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov are becoming increasingly powerful in the region.

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