Radiogad Reveals Why Nollywood Actor, Destiny Ezeyim Loves Dating Older Women

Radiogad Reveals Why Nollywood Actor, Destiny Ezeyim Loves Dating Older Women

Destiny Ezeyim, a Nollywood actor and on-air personality known as Brainiac The Radiogad has shared why He enjoys dating older women in an open letter.

Destiny Ezeyim, who recently said in an interview that marriage is overrated, said he would love to have a partner with whom he can enjoy life without making any kind of commitment.

Destiny Ezeyim, also known as Brainiac The Radiogad, a well-known radio host and Nollywood actor, explains why he enjoys dating older women.

Speaking on what he expects from a woman that wants him for marriage or dating, He said, “Everyone knows I have always liked older women. I use to be ashamed to say it but now I can say it with my full chest. I love dating older women. And yes, women in their 60’s and above.

“And if I ever consider marriage, I’ll end up with women in that age bracket, older women are sweet and mature, they will never stress you, they also give the best advice, and you won’t have to spend unnecessary money on them, rather they will spend on you big time, I love to be appreciated as a man, I love it when a woman spends money on me, I am one of the opinion that men are gold and we deserve all the love and pampering too.. I did not come to this life to suffer for any young slay queen.”

On why he doesn’t want to get married or have kids, Brainiac The Radiogad says marriage is overrated. I just want to be happy with an older woman that is young at heart.

He said that he would rather have someone that they will jointly enjoy life together without any form of commitment; no marriage, no kids.
He said, “I just want to be with someone and we enjoy life together. I don’t have to put a ring on it to prove my love for her… Marriage is overrated. I also don’t want to have kids because children are a burden not a blessing, and this is the main reason I prefer older women in their 60s because they can’t have children.”

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