Royal Fans Spot Error On Official Website Following New Titles

Royal Fans Spot Error On Official Website Following New Titles

The website stated that the Earl of Wessex – who is now Prince Edward’s son James – would be attending a string of royal engagements at the National Youth Theatre, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and Henry Specters Business Park in Cambridge.

The mistake was posted on the official royal website

“Goodness, James is certainly stepping up to the mark,” one fan remarked. A second added: “Is he not Duke of Edinburgh?” A third penned: “Have to keep teenagers busy, you know. Lol.”

James’s reported appearance was an error, as the outings will be carried out by Prince Edward who previously held the title of the Earl of Wessex.

James has inherited his father’s previous title

The Prince’s new title, the Duke of Edinburgh, was bestowed upon him on his birthday, 10 March by his older brother, King Charles. On the same day, Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, became the new Duchess of Edinburgh, and James,15, received his brand-new title as the Earl of Wessex. 

Despite his father and uncle’s history, James may never take on the role of The Duke of Edinburgh, as, unlike the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of Edinburgh is not hereditary.

As such, at the time of his passing, Edward’s role will not be passed on to his children. Instead, it will revert back to the Crown.

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