Former Archbishop Of Canterbury Discusses Charles And Diana’s Marriage

Former Archbishop Of Canterbury Discusses Charles And Diana's Marriage

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, who was asked to help mend relations between the then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana, has divulged that the couple were never going to be “successful” in a new documentary-style series about the royals.

George Carey, who held a high position in the church from 1991 to 2002, revealed in ITVX’s The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor that he was “pitched in to help” rescue the pair’s unstable marriage, according to Daily Mail.

He says: “I found myself as the Archbishop of Canterbury pitched into this. I remember one meeting at Number 10 Downing Street with [former Prime Minister] John Major and some members of the Cabinet, wrestling with what we could do to help.”

“The role I took was to try and meet up,” added Carey, who claimed the “dynamic between” the Prince and Princess of Wales “was not going to be successful. Charles has deep thinking, a slower personality, reflexive. Diana, dynamic, vibrant, less driven, it wasn’t going to work.”

For hundreds of years, the Archbishops of Canterbury have provided support and advice to members of the monarchy regarding some of their most delicate issues.

In a new royal docuseries, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested Diana and Charles were never going to be ‘successful’. Photo / Getty Images

Famously, Henry VIII turned to Thomas Cranmer when tossing up the idea of divorcing his second wife, Anne Boleyn. As the history books prove, Cranmer got his way.

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