Georgina Rodriguez Hits Out Claims That Cristiano Ronaldo Is ‘Fed Up With Her’

Georgina Rodriguez Hits Out Claims That Cristiano Ronaldo Is ‘Fed Up With Her’

Georgina Rodriguez was forced to deny claims Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘fed up’ with her after they were reportedly spotted getting into a heated argument in public.

The pair fueled rumours their relationship is going through a rough patch after a “monumental shouting match” while they were boarding a plane.

Speculation about tensions between the Portuguese star and the model have been circulating ever since he joined the Al Nassr club.

In the past few days Portuguese media suggested the couple is on the verge of breaking up as the ex-Man Utd star “is fed up with her”.

Meanwhile, a witness claimed the couple went into a massive row just before boarding a plane.

They told Spanish journalist Abel Planelles: “They had a monumental shouting match before getting on a plane.”

The influencer, 29, hit back at the rumours with a post on her Instagram story. She shared a photo of the night sky, with lyrics from the song If I Die, by Romeo Santos.

“The envious invents the rumour, the gossip spreads and the idiot believes it,” the post read.

The rumours about the couple’s relationship were fueled even more by comments made by a friend of the footballer’s mum, Leo Caeiro.

He told Noite das Estrelas program: “I have been saying it for months, they are not well and it is likely that they will separate. The reality is that Ronaldo is fed up with her. That’s the reality. I keep saying that there will be no wedding, they are together to feed the product.”

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