Girlfriend who starved her partner, scalded, and stabbed him is engaged to a new man after serving half of her prison sentence


An evil girlfriend who starved her former partner, scalded him with boiling water and stabbed him is now engaged to a new man after serving only part of her seven-year prison sentence.

Jordan Worth, 26, was jailed five years ago after subjecting Alex Skeel to a campaign of torrid physical and mental abuse including attacking him with ‘weapons’ including a hammer, a screwdriver, bread knives and a broken hairbrush.

She also broke his phone to ensure he was unable to contact his family and friends, having already used his Facebook account to send them abusive messages.

Alex, a father-of-two, bravely recalled his nine months of torment in the BBC show Abused By My Girlfriend, describing life living with Worth in the village of Stewartby, Bedfordshire.

Worth, an aspiring teacher, had a degree from the University of Hertfordshire, had come from a loving and supportive family and had raised money for children in Africa.

But a court would later hear how she cruelly controlled every aspect of her partner’s life.

She was jailed in April 2018 after a police officer was finally able to get Alex to admit the truth about the abuse he was suffering.

He had previously told neighbours that injuries including open and infected wounds had been self-inflicted, while Alex also lost almost four stone after being deprived of food.

But Worth has now been released from prison following a seven and a half year sentence, having only served part of the jail term behind bars.

She is now engaged to 28-year-old bricklayer Adam Steff, The Sun reports.

Friends are said to have warned him about dating the convicted domestic abuser.

One pal, who sent him a link to the BBC documentary featuring Alex, warned him not to date ‘the psychopath’.

However, Mr Steff has been ignoring the pleas and recently posted a picture online of himself with Worth while enjoying a stroll along a beach.

During one attack, Worth severed the tendons in his right hand with a bread knife, on another occasion she attacked him with a broken hairbrush, breaking his tooth in the process.

A kettle full of boiling water also became Worth’s weapon of choice, leaving her boyfriend screaming in pain as the skin hung off his arms and back.

A few days after one such attack, Jordan slashed her boyfriend’s hand with a breadknife and police were called, not for the first time, by their worried neighbours who heard Alex shouting, ‘Leave me alone, stop hurting me’.

Officers took Alex to hospital, but he was walked out by Worth.

A few days later, though, police were again called to the property and officers took the opportunity to take action.

When they managed to get Alex to hospital, doctors said he was just ‘ten days from death’ in his physical state, by which point his burns had become infected.

Alex returned home to his family where he was reunited with his children and, in September 2017, Jordan was charged with 17 counts including wounding with intent, causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship.

On 13 April 2018 Jordan was given two seven-year sentences for wounding with intent and GBH to be served concurrently at Luton Crown Court.

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