‘I Was Very Appreciative Of The Fact That The Master Called’ – AY Recalls Receiving Call From Basketmouth Amid Their Feud

‘I Was Very Appreciative Of The Fact That The Master Called’ – AY Recalls Receiving Call From Basketmouth Amid Their Feud

Ayo Makun, also known as AY, remembered a day when he thought he and Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth, were about to put their differences aside and build a better connection. However, Basketmouth pulled a fast one on him.

Recall that Basketmouth claimed he had never called AY because they are not friends during his interview on The HonestBunch podcast.

The media personality Chude Jidonwo interviewed AY, and during the discussion, AY recalled getting a call from Basketmouth.

According to AY, he bought a car for his wife at the time and displayed it online. A few days later, Basketmouth published a piece criticizing internet strutting. He claimed that when people believed Basketmouth was disparaging AY in his post, Basketmouth called to clarify that he wasn’t, and this made him glad that his senior colleague would do so.

When AY was asked to describe the phone call, she recalled that “something happened that never happened in the history of my knowing Bright Okpocha. Bright Okpocha wouldn’t be able to bring himself to apologize to you on any level.

So, he published a post about people flaunting their Cars, as well as those who simply use social media to display their purchases.

By the way, I posted a ride.” People went to his page and were like, “Oh, this must be referring to AY,” so I got my wife two days after that tweet, and for the first time, Bright Okpocha carried his phone and phoned me. If you could only see my smile. He practically said when he called, “Guy, see what I dey hear o, people are relating what I posted to you, it has nothing to do with you.”

“I was grateful that the Master called, as it is really uncommon and he would never go to that far. I was therefore pleased when the Master called. That, in my opinion, will now provide the equilibrium I’ve been longing for us to have.”

However, AY claimed that when he returned to Nigeria and attempted to keep in touch with Basketmouth, he was ignored.

So, he says, “When I returned to Nigeria, he was having a show, and I called him and said, ‘Ah, this your show that you’re having, incidentally, it’s the same day I’m doing Port Harcourt, but we could do like a skit idea and all that.’” Everything from the voice notes is still on my phone.

According to AY, he instructed Basketmouth, “Let’s do it this way, this way.”

He claimed that in response, Basketmouth said: “Ya, I’ll think about it, and then we’ll see how we’ll run it.”

Ay gave Basketmouth the following justification for his suggestion: “Because, the Servant was still willing to serve the Master, But, guess what? In summary, Master simply waka past me for the event because I didn’t reach him for two to three weeks.

According to AY, Basketmouth has feelings for everyone he interacts with, and as a result, anyone who interacts with him is immediately canceled.

He has therefore trained himself to see me, and consequently, it has extended to certain other persons, according to AY.

“You can’t come this way if they are on my platform or his platform. Unless you are exceptionally talented and he needs you, simply kiss it goodbye if you come this way. In such case, he may abandon his ideals and let you join the team.

“The cancel culture,” where a lot of people were dropped for being connected to me.

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