Prison wife shares details of conjugal visits with murderer spouse


A prison wife alleges she is happy being wed to serious criminals, with one named Rebecca enjoying conjugal visits with her murderer husband.

The woman who fell in love with her prison lover married him in jailhouse ceremony.

Rebecca would only give her first name, and refused to share her husband’s name. He was jailed for life without parole aged 19 for killing someone during an armed robbery. DailyMail reports.

He has now served 35 years inside.

Speaking about how she and her husband cope without one another, Rebecca said: ‘I would say that those that are incarcerated long periods have to – in some sense – turn that part of themselves off.’

The daycare worker claimed that she and other prison wives to try and avoid making their jailbird spouses ‘grieve’ for love, which can make them vulnerable while behind bars.

Rebecca began chatting with her killer husband in 2012, after they were introduced as pen pals by her nephew, a juvenile lifer.

The pair quickly became smitten, and wed two years later, in 2014.

Inmates can apply for up to 48 hours with their spouse four times a year, in a private ‘apartment’ on prison grounds that is often a trailer home.

Their last visit was in March, when they got to spend some quality time together.

Rebecca looks forward to the conjugal visits so much that she keeps a timer app on her phone that counts down to the next one.

She told DailyMail how she can rarely sleep the night before a conjugal visit, and repeatedly checks the paperwork she requires – including her state ID and marriage certificate.

During their last visit, she says she arrived 30 minutes early. She was allowed to bring bed linens, dish soap and protective coverings for mattresses, pillows and couches – as well as cleaning supplies.

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