Vladlen Tatarsky’s Death – What Expert Say  

Vladlen Tatarsky Death – What Expert Say  

“I think we need to consider different versions because we still have insufficient information,” Fesenko begins.

“But I will add regarding the versions that (I think) it was done by Russian special services. This version, by the way, is actively discussed in Russian social media, in (Russian) Telegram channels, in Russian opposition media, and I think this is the most popular version.”

According to him, the aim was to blame Ukraine and to scare Russian elites, who were becoming too relaxed, and beginning to criticize Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Another possible reason for the assassination, according to Fesenko, was to create a pretext “to push Putin towards imposing martial law in Russia.”

Fesenko also noted that the bombing took place in St. Petersburg, and St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov is in conflict with the head of Wagner Group PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

“There is a version that is being publicized by people associated with him (Prigozhin) or his fans in the circle of these so-called Z-patriots, the most chauvinistic and aggressive supporters of the war against Ukraine,” Fesenko said.

 “They say that supposedly Yevgeny Prigozhin himself was supposed to come to this meeting with the so-called war correspondent Tatarsky. Whether it’s true or not – we don’t know, but the fact is that it happened in his cafe and could have been a ‘greeting’ or warning to Prigozhin, as in – if you go too far, the special services know where and how to find you and what to do with you.”

According to him, this version fits with the theory that Russian special services were behind the operation.

He added that this murder may “push authorities towards more severe actions, towards ‘tightening the screws,’ as they say in Russia, and towards increasing repression within Russia.”

Fesenko also pointed out that it immediately became known that the girl who handed the concealed bomb to Tatarsky previously attended anti-war rallies.

“They immediately push us towards a specific version: look, these anti-war activists, they are bad, they are enemies of Russia, and so on,” he adds.

“This is what further nudges us towards the first version, that this is an obvious provocation by Russian special services, a showdown around Yevgeny Prigozhin and Wagner PMC.”

 “And most importantly, it is an open provocation against Ukraine, to accuse it of terrorist methods and against the anti-war position in Russia. Therefore, at the moment, I still lean towards the version that this is a provocation by Russian special services.”

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