Who Will Prince Harry’s Royal Allies Be At The Coronation

Who Will Prince Harry's Royal Allies Be At The Coronation

For many weeks, we all waited to see if Prince Harry would attend the coronation alongside Meghan Markle. His father, King Charles III will be crowned as Queen Elizabeth II’s successor and he extended an invitation to his youngest son.

According to multiple reports from the biggest tabloids in the UK, the king and Prince William are willing to not even speak to Prince Harry.

The reason for their alleged decision is because of the memoir he recently published, where the airs many private details about the Royal Family. But more importantly, they really hated how Prince Harry decided to paint members of his family as racist.

Even if there are a few rotten apples inside the monarchy, the king wanted that to be dealt with in private.

But Prince Harry didn’t listen to his family’s warnings and he decided to publish the book anyway. As a result, the prince is more ostracized by his family now than he’s ever been in the past.

This reached a point where even Meghan Markle decided to not attend King Charles III’s coronation by using the excuse that she needs to take care of their son and daughter.

 Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. This leaves Prince Harry to confront his entire family on his own but he will have a couple of allies during the entire coronation ceremony. Perhaps Prince William and the king won’t talk to him but these two other family members will.

Who are Prince Harry’s allies left in the Royal Family?

As they grew up together, Prince Harry developed a wonderful relationship with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene. Both of them have maintained a close relationship with their cousin regardless of how the rest of the family views him.

They have even visited him and Meghan Markle in California. The Daily Mail confirmed only they will be an exception and Prince Harry will have to rely on them for good company.

According to the Daily Express, Prince William and Prince Harry will be seated several rows apart from each other and no close-ups from cameras inside the premises will feature them for the world to see.

But nothing is set in stone yet, who knows what will happen once Prince Harry arrives in London. Stay tuned for all the details.

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