‘$1m for her every year’ – Lawyer details how pren-up agreement between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez could be if they marry


Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos‘ girlfriend Lauren Sánchez will definitely have a financial turnaround if she says ‘I do’ to the multibillionaire, an American attorney has revealed.

Bezos and Sánchez got engaged on his new $500 million superyacht, the Koru.

Bezos’ wedding to Sánchez is the second time he would be walking down the aisle, as he was previously married to MacKenzie Scott for 26 years.

Bezos’ and MacKenzie did not have a prenuptial agreement in place and when they announced their split in January 2019, there was a $137 billion fortune which Acott, 53, ended up benefiting from.

She walked away with a reported $38 billion settlement, consisting of 19.7 million shares of Amazon.com.

This time around, it’s safe to say that the Amazon founder will protect his multibillion-dollar assets as he embarks upon a second marriage with Sánchez, 53.

And Sánchez herself has plenty to protect, as a successful businesswoman in her own right, while the couple already has joint property assets and charities together.

But now, Brett Ward, the partner and co-chair of the family law practice group at Blank Rome says in a an interview that a ‘multimillion-dollar residence is not out of the question by any means.’

Sanchez, 53, could make at least $1,000,000 for ‘every year married,’ attorney Brett Ward told Page Six on Tuesday, May 23.

Ward says he does not suspect that the decision Bezos made going into his marriage with Scott will factor into whether or not he will get a prenup with Sánchez at all.

‘Jeff is in a very different place now than he was then,’ the attorney points out.

‘He was on his way up and may have never been able.

Ward said that many divorcées who did not have prenups in their first marriages are actually more likely to get one the second time around because ‘the experience of a contested divorce is often the best motivator.

‘What most people do not consider, are the financial and emotional costs of going to court without a prenuptial agreement,’ he says.

‘Litigants with this level of wealth can end up spending millions of dollars in court fighting over issues like the valuation and classification of assets.’

Ward says he would encourage Bezos to offer Sánchez a ‘fixed payment schedule tied to the length of the marriage in exchange for her waiving any of his assets or spousal support.

‘He can be sufficiently generous to her financially while at the same time saving the cost of an extended, costly, and likely public trial if the marriage does not work out,’ the matrimonial law attorney says.

‘This is a strategy we often employ with high-net-worth individuals. It protects their assets and peace of mind.’

She would receive assets ‘sufficient to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her and her [children] should the marriage not work out.’

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