BMW’s new £50,000 5 Series Sedan lets you change lanes using just your EYES


The German carmaker’s all-electric 5 Series Saloon lets you change lanes just by looking at your wing mirror.

The car – which starts at £49,850 – is fitted with cameras behind the steering wheel that monitor the gaze of the driver.

When the vehicle suggests a lane change, such as when the car in front is going too slowly, it can be confirmed by the driver by looking at the wing mirror.

Once this confirmation sign has been received, the vehicle takes over the necessary steering movements automatically and changes lanes.

BMW says the ‘world first’ feature on the 5 Series Saloon, called Active Lane Change Assistant, ‘partially automates the driving experience’ and creates the conditions for ‘outstanding functionality’.

This comfort feature now achieves a new level of interaction between the driver and the vehicle,’ the company said in a statement.

‘The vehicle suggests a lane change and this can be carried out for the first time by looking in the exterior mirror to confirm the lane change.

‘The Active Lane Change Assistant takes over the necessary steering movements automatically, the traffic situation permitting.’

Active Lane Change Assistant is optional, so it can be turned on and off, and it only works at speeds of up to 85 miles per hour.

The technology gives a visual alert on the screen behind the steering wheel when it’s suggesting a change of lane, and the driver can decide whether or not to accept by glimpsing the mirror.

While the new technology marks an impressive step forward for automated cruising, drivers may have safety concerns over handing over such a capability to a machine.

It’s unclear what happens when the driver wants to glance at their wing mirror but doesn’t want to agree to the AI’s suggestion to change lanes when the feature is turned on.

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