Furious dad has stand-off with police after finding book about ‘how to do anal sex’ in the KIDS’ section of a library


Angry dad claims he found a book in the children’s section of a public library containing a chapter about ‘how to perform anal sex‘, leading to a bizarre confrontation with the police.

The irate father was asked to leave the Tamborine Mountain Library in Queensland after raising concerns about the book, and police were called to ‘diffuse’ the situation.

He then posted to Twitter about the find – fuming about ‘pornography’ being available to small children.

The booked titled ‘What’s the T?’ by transgender author Juno Dawson is supposed to be kept in the ‘youth’ section, for young people aged between 14-18.

According to DailyMail, the book includes sections on how to prepare the body for anal sex and how children can transition between genders without their parents finding out.

Before police were called, staff spotted the man recording the pages of the book.

The angered dad recorded a seven-minute video of his conversation with staff and police.

‘I was just making a video about this book which was in the junior section which is teaching children how to have anal sex,’ he said in the clip, and shows a page of the book he’s referring to on camera.

He then adds: ‘There’s a section (of the book) which gives the kids an avenue to “transition without their parents finding out”.’

The library said the book was in the correct spot in the Non-Fiction Young Adult (14-18) section.

The book itself is about discovering ‘what it means to be a young transgender and/or non-binary person in the 21st century’ and acts a ‘funny guide’ suitable for teens aged 14 and above.

The library confirmed the book – which has a 4.8 star rating out of five on Amazon – has been sitting on shelves since 2021 and hasn’t any complaints before.

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