I have two children with my half-brother – trolls say we should burn in hell


A woman who shares two children with her half-brother fights for the right to marry her sibling.

Ana Parra, from Barcelona, ​​Spain, was abandoned by her father as a child.

Growing up, the mother of two knew she had a half-sibling, but didn’t meet Daniel until she was 20 years old.

She explained, ‘My mother told me that my father had left us to start another family and had another child.’

Curious to learn more about her extended family, Ana — who hasn’t revealed her age — tracked Daniel down on Facebook.

The couple connected on Facebook after their father ran away from Ana and her mother.

While the mother-of-two hasn’t revealed when they first met, Ana says there were sparks between her and Daniel from the start.

She said, ‘We didn’t want to realize it, we were mad at ourselves because it was hard to admit and break that taboo: we are siblings, even though we didn’t feel that way.’

Describing their first romantic interaction, the mother said, ‘We were partying, we slowly approached each other and gave each other our first kiss.’

Ana added: ‘We went our separate ways, we were a little embarrassed about what had just happened.’

Looking back on that life-changing night, Daniel said, ‘That kiss broke all barriers, marked a before and after, it was like a reality check.

Despite their best efforts to stay away from each other, the pair met a few days later – and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

‘Imagine you like a girl and you are forbidden to be with her for moral reasons.’ said Daniel. ‘It’s really hard to deal with.’

Earlier this year, Ana and Daniel appeared on Spanish television to share their unlikely love story.

She explained, ‘We didn’t feel like telling everyone our story one by one, so we decided to tell it this way.’

The pair said: ‘We love each other and that’s what should prevail. We’re not harming anyone. That’s why we want people to know our story.

Ana explained: ‘There are people who have written to us on social media telling us that we will burn in hell.’

That said, Ana and Daniel say they haven’t let the criticism affect their relationship.

The couple shares two children aged five and three. Although their children know that Ana and Daniel are half-siblings, the mother says they are ‘too young to understand.’

Now the couple is fighting for the right to legally marry in Spain.

Despite the fact that consensual incest between adults is legal in their country, the Spanish Civil Code prohibits marriages between close relatives.

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