Lionel Richie Fans Disappointed By Singer’s Awful Performance At King Charles Coronation Concert

Lionel Richie Fans Disappointed By Singer’s Awful Performance At King Charles Coronation Concert

Just a day after the extravagant coronation ceremony, which was attended by millions of people all over the world, King Charles III and Queen Camilla were gracious enough to let the others shine.

On Sunday, people from all over the world came together to celebrate the new King and Queen. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and many more stars were present at the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

This was the first time a coronation concert took place, with 20,000 people joining the crowd on the castle grounds and millions of people watching from their homes all over the world.

People were most excited to watch the American singer Lionel Richie perform at Windsor Castle to honor King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The “All Night Long” singer was dressed in a stunning white suit jacket, which was decorated with twinkling jewels. The 73-year-old singer performed two of his best hits as part of the show that aired on Sunday night.

Richie commenced his performance by playing the piano before shaking a leg with the dancers and trumpet players while playing a rendition of “Easy Like Sunday Morning.”

He regaled a 20,000-strong assemblage at Windsor Castle to a second of his most recognizable songs when he got on his feet and performed “All Night Long.” 

However, people were left disappointed after Richie’s performance, according to Daily Mail. Some fans were confused as Richie seemed to be singing on a considerably high-pitched note.

Spectators also voiced their trepidations regarding the senior pop artist on Twitter as they noticed that his facial characteristics and singing abilities were different from what they were used to.

Many users on Twitter discussed the same, with one saying, “Inner ears issues or just can no longer do it? Lionel Richie sorry but that sounded terrible,” and another tweeting, “Hello, Met Police, I’d like to report a murderer. Yes, his name is Lionel Richie and the victim is his own song. #CoronationConcert.”

One wrote, “Lionel Richie looks unrecognizable, what’s happened to his face? Has he had work done? Looks so tight.”

Another Twitter user asked, “Crikey what’s gone on with Lionel Richie and his face? Weirdly fascinating,” while someone else commented, “Quite surprised Lionel Richie can move his face enough to sing. Why do people do this to themselves?” 

Even though people were complaining on Twitter about the quality of Richie’s singing, it didn’t stop the royal family from enjoying the phenomenal performance.

The new King and his wife, Queen Camilla, seemed to enjoy the concert as Richie performed “All Night Long.” At one point they also got up on their feet and swayed to the melody.

Other members of the royal family, including 8-year-old Princess Charlotte and 9-year-old Prince George, waved Union flags along with a gathering of some 20,000 assembled on the castle’s east terrace.

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