Rishi Sunak Delivers Reading From The Bible At King Coronation

Rishi Sunak Delivers Reading From The Bible At King Coronation

Keeping up with the recent tradition of British Prime Ministers giving readings at state occasions, Rishi Sunak, Britain’s first PM of Indian heritage, will read from the biblical ‘book of Colossians at the historic Coronation of King Charles III.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has selected a new Epistle for this Coronation, which will be Colossians 1:9-17. This passage has been chosen to reflect the theme of service to others, and the loving rule of Christ over all people and all things, which runs through this Coronation Liturgy,” Lambeth Palace said.

“Following the recent tradition of British Prime Ministers giving readings at State occasions – as Head of the host Nation’s government – this will be read by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,” it added.

Further asserting, “By long-standing tradition, the Archbishop of Canterbury authorizes a new Liturgy – or the form according to which public religious worship takes place – for every Coronation. The three oaths of the King at the heart of the service remain unchanged, including the promise to maintain “the Protestant Reformed Religion”.

The theme of the liturgy reflects the commitment the King will make to serve God and the people of the United Kingdom. The theme is cited as “Called to serve”:

“I am delighted that the service will recognize and celebrate tradition, speaking to the great history of our nation, our customs, and those who came before us. At the same time, the service contains new elements that reflect the diversity of our contemporary society,” said Welby.

“At the end of the procession at the close of the service, before His Majesty proceeds to the Gold State Coach, the King will receive and acknowledge a spoken greeting delivered in unison by Representatives from Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Buddhist communities,” Lambeth Palace said.

Lambeth Palace confirmed that the presentation of the Regalia will be made by Members of the House of Lords and for the first time, some items having no Christian meaning or symbolism will be presented by peers belonging to different faith traditions, such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

The thousands congregated at the Abbey and those watching on screens as the ceremony will be telecasted live will be invited to say the words: “I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law – so help me God”.

Reportedly, the five elements of “The English Coronation Rite” will take place in their traditional order: The Recognition; The Oath; The Anointing; The Investiture and Crowning; and The Enthronement and Homage. King Charles and Queen Camilla will receive Holy Communion during the service.

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