Why Did Princess Kate And Queen Camilla Wear White To The Coronation

Why Did Princess Kate And Queen Camilla Wear White To The Coronation

Of course, for the occasion, we were not surprised to see that both the Princess of Wales, Queen Camilla and Princess Charlotte donned stunning white dresses for the occasion. 

Why did Princess Kate and Queen Camilla wear white to the coronation?

As far back as Queen Victoria royals have worn white to coronations. For the journey to Westminster Abbey, a 19-year-old Victoria wore a white satin dress layered under a crimson velvet robe, and then after being proclaimed queen she donned a lighter white lace-trimmed linen gown. 

Back in 1953 Norman Hartnell, who of course designed the Queen’s Coronation dress, also created a ‘Gold and White Collection’ which conformed to the Earl Marshal’s ‘orders’, meaning colours are barred and tiaras are worn.

The late Queen Elizabeth II’s own Coronation took place on June 2 1953, and according to the Royal Collection Trust, the white gown that she wore is now regarded as one of the, “most important examples of twentieth-century design.”

Colour expert Gabi Winters from Chronology said the reason why the royals traditionally opt to coordinate in white, saying, “White, of course, is the colour of peace and the colour of new beginnings, so coincidentally the psychological meaning behind this uncommon colour choice is very fitting when it comes to renewing and celebrating diplomatic ties between different nations.”

She continued, “While it isn’t a stimulating colour to the senses, white represents a blank canvas waiting to be written upon. It’s a fully reflective colour that creates simplicity, clearing the way forward.”

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