Princess Kate’s Coronation Headpiece Was Completely Unexpected

Princess Kate’s Coronation Headpiece Was Completely Unexpected

The coronation of King Charles III was a spectacle of royal jewelry moments.

But none shone as brightly as Princess Kate’s dazzling floral headpiece she wore instead of a tiara. 

We were so eager to see what our stylish future monarch the Princess of Wales would be wearing, as we were heartbroken that the Duchess of Sussex would not be attending.

At first, it was assumed that Princess Kate would be wearing a tiara, as is the historic custom for British royal coronation attire.

Then this week it was widely reported that she’d be eschewing tradition and opting for a floral crown instead, which many thoughts would be made with fresh blooms. 

 “A flower crown provides an opportunity for the Princess of Wales to incorporate some meaningful flower choices into her coronation day look,” Whitney Bromberg Hawkings the founder and CEO of Flowerbx said Fashion ahead of the event.

Princess Kate’s decision to wear flowers in her hair instead of a tiara was a welcome one according to her and many others, who admired the modern and ‘sensible approach’ amidst the cost of living crisis.

In the end, Kate went for the demure option and donned silver bullion, crystal and silver threadwork three-dimensional leaf embroidered headpiece by milliner Jess Collett and her long-trusted fashion house Alexander McQueen.

Kate, of course, also chose an Alexander McQueen gown for her wedding day in 2011.

Why didn’t Princess Kate wear a tiara at the coronation?

The Prince of Wales both wore formal robes and mantels, however, the decision for Kate not to wear a tiara came at the request of the King and Queen. This is thought to be inspired by Charles’ wish to modernize the ceremony and be respectful to the national recession and cost of living crisis in the UK. 

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