90 Days’ Jasmine alleges that her fiancé Gino ruined her career after nude photo scandal


The couple’s roller coaster romance has been full of complications, including explosive arguments, a sugar daddy/baby dynamic, reverse revenge porn and a next-door neighbor who happens to be her ex.

On the premiere episode of season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, a cast member of the reality show, Jasmine recounted all she has faced since a nude photo scandal with her fiance, Gino.

While meeting with her ex-boyfriend, Jasmine said she’d been ‘banned from teaching’ after her current fiancé Gino sent nude photos of her to another woman.

Though Gino had no malicious intent and was only hoping to make his former flame jealous, it took a huge toll on Jasmine’s professional life.

Jasmine said; ‘That information was spread among schools, and I was, like, banned from teaching. Losing my job was a big low for me because being a teacher was a huge part of my identity.

‘Now, without livelihood and just me waiting for this visa, I feel like I totally depend on Gino, and that really makes me feel stuck.’

Last season, viewers saw it all unfold. Gino first denied sending the photos at all, saying, ‘No, I’m sorry, I did not do that. That’s for darn sure I didn’t do that.’

Once Jasmine produced proof, he change his tune. ‘This was like, that was rubbing it in to her, yes,’ he said of his ex.

‘Yes. But that’s the only time I ever did that. I was showing her like, ‘Look how hot my girlfriend is!’

Jasmine declared their trust was broken and it seemed uncertain if it would ever fully be restored.

Still, the couple was waiting for approval of Jasmine’s K-1 Visa so she could move to the U.S. and marry Gino.

Though they’d already had some major hiccups in their relationship, Jasmine and Gino still got engaged, in fact, she’d accepted his proposal after the nude photo scandal. That said, they still had some issues to work out.

On Sunday’s episode, Jasmine specifically cited intimate struggles, including Gino finding it difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction, which he blamed on their frequent arguments.

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