Ballerina ‘sacked for being too fat’ gives away Putin’s military secrets on Instagram


A former top Russian ballerina who was reportedly sacked for being fat accidentally gave away one of Vladimir Putin‘s military secret on Instagram.

Anastasia Volochkova first hit the headlines in 2003 after she was sacked by the Bolshoi Ballet for being ‘too fat’ and then won a court battle forcing them to reinstate her.

However, since then, she has become a huge social media influencer in Russia, as well as launching a successful modelling career.

Volochkova, 47, went on to forge a career in modelling as well as becoming a popular social media influencer in Russia.

However, she went on to accidentally give away Russian war tactics by posting to Instagram stories about a military unit right next to her home. Mirror reports.

Uploading the footage to her thousands of followers, she said: ‘Oh, good people, two hours ago I woke up from such terrible explosions.

‘We have this military unit right next to us, right in Nikolo-Uryupino.’

Volochkova has now been accused of helping Ukraine in locating Russia’s military bases – with Nikolo-Uryupino being a small town in the Moscow Oblast.

A search on Google Maps does show a military base a short distance from it, reports The Star.

The video was later deleted, but only after it had reportedly been seen by many of her followers.

On a Telegram channel, she was thanked by an unknown group that said they were able to work out exactly where the military base was.

They wrote: ‘Thanks to her data, we have established that Volochkova’s house is located at a distance of 1.5 km [0.9 miles] from the Russian military unit 11105-2 (engineering battalion, archive), stationed at the address: Moscow region, Inzhenerny-1.’

The dancer turned model has previously spoken out against the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, saying for her, Crimea would always be a part of Ukraine.

However, she apparently changed her mind and now supports Russia in the war in Ukraine.

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