Kylie Jenner leaves makeup artist with bloodied face after ‘attack’ on private jet


Mum-of-two Kylie Jenner stunned her makeup artist after an attack with a pillow left them with a bloodied face.

The ‘attack’ happened while the beauty mogul was travelling on a private jet with her close friend and glam squad member Ariel Tejada, 28.

The artist, who is also Kylie’s close friend took to social media to share the ‘attack’ and called the 25-year-old the ‘aggressive brother’ in their relationship.

Ariel Tejada has been the star’s makeup artist and close confidante for ever eight years and was on board the private jet as the glam squad celebrated Ariel’s birthday.

But the fun got a bit too out of hand, leaving the employee requiring an ice pack on a head injury.

Prior to the footage of the pillow fight, Ariel said: ‘This video proves that I’m the fragile sister in this Glam family and Kylie is definitely the aggressive brother.’

Despite the injury, it was all taken in jest, with Ariel adding a number of crying with laughter emojis to the post.

The clip showed Kylie striking Ariel, who was holding the camera, with a pillow while they took a flight on her fancy looking plane.

It came after Ariel had initially tossed the pillow lightly in his pal’s direction. Kylie’s shot however seemingly had more force, with the shot leaving Ariel in shock and with a cut on the forehead.

As the clip continued, a stunned Ariel was seen laughing as makeup mogul Kylie was heard joking in the background: ‘You need your eye to do my makeup you f**king…..’

Showcasing a bloodied face, Ariel then asked Kylie: ‘How am I bleeding from a pillow fight?’

In a bid to protect the ‘wound’ Ariel cleaned it and iced it with a Hello Kitty ice pack, leading Kylie to comment: ‘You’re being really dramatic.’

But Ariel stood by the choice, explaining it felt as though a lump was going to form, much to the disagreement of The Kardashians star.

‘This isn’t the last you’ve heard of me!’ blurted Ariel before throwing another pillow.

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