Three mini skirt-wearing women brutally attack a male British tourist


Three children brutally attacked a British tourist to nab his belongings as he walked along a busy street in the heart of Colombia‘s drug capital.

Two of the women, who initially look unassuming donning mini-skirts and crop tops, can be seen identifying their target, who is oblivious to the looming danger, as he walks past.

They start to trail their victim as he winds his way through the bustling street, a corner approaching Berrio Park, before confronting him, much to the man’s surprise.

The two muggers then launch a frenzied attack on the Brit, before another woman comes to join in, bashing him over the head and tugging at his backpack incessantly.

The man desperately tries to fight the women off, but the group successfully stole his ‘high-end’ mobile phone, El Tiempo reports.

Surveillance footage shows the women going up to the man and speaking to him for a few seconds, with one grabbing his backpack.

He tries to pull away, but the two women follow him closely and continue to grab at his bag. He tries to push them off, and a fight ensues.

The attack appears to go on for at least a minute, and sees the group swirl across the street as they battle for the tourists’ belongings.

Stunned onlookers watch on and appear to make no effort to intervene as the man faces an onslaught from all angles.

The women grab the man by his backpack as he quickly tries to reverse backwards, pulling them along with him.

He then almost swings the women around as they clutch on to his backpack, trying to fling them off in self-defence.

Police were quickly called to the scene and were able to arrest the women, with more video released by cops showing the three suspects being piled into a car.

In a roughly translated statement, Major Adrian Chacon, Inspection Officer of the Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan Police said that police conducted an in-depth investigation following the incident.

‘A meticulous follow-up began through the city’s security cameras, where in the same sector the camera viewers identified the three women, notifying the police units of the quadrant, where they were intercepted, captured for the crime of theft.’

They said that the stolen items were returned to the foreigner.

It comes around 48 hours after two more foreign travellers caught their mugging, which took place in broad daylight, on video.

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